Could Wheat Be Eating Away At Your Health?

A growing number of doctors believe that "modern wheat" -- all of it -- could be drastically affecting our health and actually making us sick! 

About a year ago my oldest daughter borrowed me the book Wheat Belly.  I thought it was a fantastic read!  The below article mentions the book.  It is written by Cardiologist William Davis, MD.  In it he mentions Dr. Fasano, a world-renowned pediatric gastroenterologist and research scientist.  He discovered that most, if not all, people develop increased intestinal permeability when exposed to the gliadin protein of wheat and that "this is the first step towards experiencing autoimmune diseases..." 

The one point that I remember most from the book Wheat Belly was that wheat contributes to inflammation and most illnesses stem from some type of inflammatory process!  Wow, that really made sense to me!  Since reading the book my family has drastically cut down on wheat.  In fact, come to find out, my youngest daughter is gluten intolerant and has significantly benefited from eliminating gluten/wheat from her diet completely. 

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To read about Dr.Fasano, see below:

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