DREAM TRIP! You too can improve your health & wealth with Shaklee!

Thanking God & Shaklee for the most amazing trip to the Atlantis Hotel in Nassau, Bahamas!

Just got back from an "all-expenses paid" trip for 5 nights and had a blast!  My mom, sister, Pam and I were able to go together which made it all the more special. It was an incentive trip that was earned and we were able to meet so many nice people in Shaklee that share the same passion we do ~ helping others improve their health & wealth!   

If you’d like to make a change in your health and vitality, make a change in how you earn an income, and/or help make a positive change in the world, please let me know. 

The view from our room!

My Mom with the Limbo Guy!

Pam & I with the Limbo Guy!

My Mom getting a little Rest & Relaxation!

Pam, Mom & I at the Hotel