The other night my husband and I were searching for a Netflix movie and came across the documentary "Vanishing of The Bees."  This was definitely an eye opener and worth watching!

Did you know that honeybee pollination plays a significant role in our fruit & vegetable supply?

Evidently, in 2006 U.S. beekeepers started reporting very large losses (between 30 to 90%) of their hives.   Scientists are now calling this devastating phenomenon Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).  This is significant because many plants and agricultural crops depend on pollination by bees. 

Although the cause has not been fully determined, both beekeepers and researchers strongly believe that certain environmental toxins and pesticides are contributing to this problem.  Interestingly, there is strong evidence that has been linked to CCD and two insecticides made by Bayer.  These are Clothianidin (Poncho) and Imidacloprid (Gaucho).  Although France, Italy, Germany and other European countries have already banned the use of these chemicals, they are still allowed to be used in the United States.

To see a quick YouTube video about this issue, click on:  http://www.vanishingbees.com/.  This site also shares how you too can help to Take Action!

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