Healthy Raw Salad

About 2 years ago my good friend,Theresa, introduced me to the Raw Food Diet.  I was so inspired by her because both she and her husband went on this diet for a full year and not only lost weight, but looked SO HEALTHY!  Her husband also had a serious eye condition that was completely healed (the doctor told him he would probably go blind ~ yikes)!   I have to admit that when she first told me she was eating only raw foods (nothing cooked!), I thought she was really going to the extreme.  After trying some of her recipes, however, she quickly convinced me that this is a very healthy way of eating.  One of my favorite recipes is the Raw Salad.  It's easy, versatile and a great way to get some veggies into your day! 

Red bell pepper
Carrots (cut into small pieces before putting in grinder so they are easier to chop)
Cabbage (I use purple)
Onion (small amount)
Raisins (don't need to chop)
( Add any other vegetable you like.  
Other suggestions: Cut up parsley, dill or other herbs are really good.  Can also top with sprouts. 
Put above in a hand held grinder (or food processor) until very small (like a coleslaw).  Cut the harder to chop vegetables, like the carrots & cabbage, into smaller pieces and combine them with the softer veggies in the grinder.  After grinding, put in large bowl.  Next add dressing below and stir. 
Dressing: Honey or Agave, Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar (add amounts to your liking).

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